14 Aug 2016 : SEASON 32 : EP4 / CANNES

it's good to be in cannes when i'm 32. while you were standing and looking at the crowded palais, you feel no excitement and that makes you see eveything clearer. without distraction by the festival's glamor, you can see the real festival. it's full mix of film pilgrimage and film business world. At 10 p.m. , you will see people taking the long line for going into cinema and people in tuxedo or night dress who just walked out of the gala premiere. it's weird but good feeling when you can see people in film industry are always around you. [you can't feel this in thailand where film people are rare.] but they come here for business, negotiating the sales price of artsy film in the festival. it's heaven and hell at once. good to know this. behind the most prestige art film festival is also based on the business. this is the true thing young filmmakers should know. but you may be too shocked if you know this too early. so it's good to be in cannes when i'm 32.

this festival is dreamy place for almost everyone. i always wanted to be here one day but i never expected much because i know myself my film may not be for this festival's taste. we are too different. so being here with film pitching project is beyond expectation and it's better than coming here with the film. no much tension. you have a plenty of time to walk around to see the whole picture of the city and the festival. it's like a quick tour but this quick tour is enough for me. 

(Season 32 is my personal online blog , documenting the feeling of being 32 year-old man in 2016 which is more like the new epsiode of my life. besides, it's for practicing my english writing skill. if grammatically error found , please forgive me and please believe i'm trying so hard)