when i watch funny film or music video, i really wanna do funny work like that too. how can the director or the scriptwriter do such a good job? i wanna be funny people everyone loves. the problem is even though i know how they achieved that, i can't do like them anyway. because i can't be them. i'm sad people, funny sometimes but not that often. so i'm forced going back to be myself. actually, sometimes i lack of confidence to be myself. being yourself takes a lot of energy. it's kind of lonely path because this way will lead you to be yourself and different from others. on the way, no one is gonna be with you. and from time to time you don't know where is the destination, you don't even know if it exists. you need to be faithful in yourself a lot. along the sideway, you will see those funny film, very nice drama movie, super witty work from your favorite director which makes you feel insecure walking on. but you have to focus on your way because that's only way you have. so just go. it can't help. i'm not funny people, but i try to be the best unfunny people. [the best unfunny people... sounds interesting now.] and this is point of no return.

(Season 32 is my personal online blog , documenting the feeling of being 32 year-old man in 2016 which is more like the new epsiode of my life. besides, it's for practicing my english writing skill. if grammatically error found , please forgive me and please believe i'm trying so hard)